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Adios Not Just SEO

Pico de Orizaba

Hi Everyone! As you may or may not know, Not Just SEO is going to cease to exist in a matter of weeks.  It isn’t that we are going out of business – in fact, quite the opposite!  We have plenty of happy clients, and are onboarding more (seemingly every week!). It’s an exciting time. [...]

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Hispanics Are The Best Customers

Hispanics...We Tha Best

A large marketing website recently published an article talking about how Hispanics are ignored by companies that invest in new media.  The only evidence used were a few comments from important Internet properties like Terra and Univision. No statistics, no dollar figures, nothing else.  Every piece of actual research that I have seen indicates that [...]

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Tu & Usted: How to Properly Address Spanish-Speakers

Using Tu & Usted for Spanish SEO, Inbound Marketing and SMM

When beginning a Spanish inbound marketing project, one of the first determinations that you will need to make is how to address the people you are targeting. In Latin America this can be tricky, as there are many social norms that must be followed. To further complicate matters, these customs change depending on the country, [...]

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