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International SEO: 5 Things to Get Right


You know the signs.  Maybe your company has started opening branches in other countries, you’ve seen an uptick in traffic from es-419 (Latin America), or maybe internationalization has become your CEO’s pet project.  No matter the reason, as an SEO your job becomes much more complicated (and interesting) when your company or client decides to [...]

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You Need a Spanish Language Website (Yes, I’m talking to you)

A few days ago I read this excellent article about Hispanic assimilation by Jose Villa.  Basically, his hypothesis is that as more Hispanics are born in the US, they are more likely to simply identify as American, rather than with their home country.  Furthermore (he argues) that means that while you should still consider Hispanics [...]

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Tu & Usted: How to Properly Address Spanish-Speakers

Using Tu & Usted for Spanish SEO, Inbound Marketing and SMM

When beginning a Spanish inbound marketing project, one of the first determinations that you will need to make is how to address the people you are targeting. In Latin America this can be tricky, as there are many social norms that must be followed. To further complicate matters, these customs change depending on the country, [...]

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