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Quick Wins in Spanish SEO

Whenever we bring a partner on board, especially if they are an agency, the first question is always “where are the quick wins?” Since in most cases they have been laser focused on English language up to the point where we start, it isn’t too hard to work up a quick list of things that [...]

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Tu & Usted: How to Properly Address Spanish-Speakers

Using Tu & Usted for Spanish SEO, Inbound Marketing and SMM

When beginning a Spanish inbound marketing project, one of the first determinations that you will need to make is how to address the people you are targeting. In Latin America this can be tricky, as there are many social norms that must be followed. To further complicate matters, these customs change depending on the country, [...]

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Spanish SEO keyword research on a budget

Whether you are considering outsourcing your Spanish SEO projects, or have decided to keep the project in house, this post will give you a deeper understanding of how to proceed. Keyword Research: This has to be the starting point for any online marketing program, PPC or SEO. Potential customers come to us all the time and say [...]

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